Power of Positive Thinking

Of all the monsters that exist, some of the most frightening ones are invisible to the naked eye. Miniscule, microscopic menaces wreaking havoc on the human body are monsters that people all over the world fight on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there is no debunking these foul beasts. They are all too real, and all too truly terrifying. I’d like to share a story from my childhood with you. I have so few memories, yet thought this one may be somewhat helpful to anyone caring for a sick person.

Pertussis, or Whooping Cough, is the name of the illness that nearly took my life. I had gotten the vaccine for this highly contagious disease, yet somehow still managed to contract it. It’s a horrible, awful disease, to say the very least, especially for children. It causes prolonged episodes of continuous coughing, preventing the sufferer from breathing for long periods of time. It can be fatal.

I was only six or seven years old when I caught Pertussis. I give my father all the credit for having saved my life. Anyway, here is the story…

I was lying in the hospital bed listening to daddy read a story to me. In the middle of the story, daddy put the book down, looked at me as though he were trying his best to hold back a river of tears, and asked, “Gin, are you even TRYING to fight this disease?”

“What, daddy?” I had no idea what he was asking me.

“Gin Gin, you remember I told you that I was in the army, right?” I nodded my head. “Well, Gin, sometimes in life, there are bad people that try to hurt other people. Army guys, like what I used to be, they fight those bad guys so the bad guys can’t hurt anybody. It’s called war.” “Oh my goodness, daddy! Did you fight bad guys?”, I asked.

“No, Gin. I never had to fight a war. But, right now, inside your body there is a war happening.” I gasped in disbelief. “I’m telling the truth, Gin. There are good guys and bad guys inside of you right now. They are called germs. You need to make the good guy germs chase away all the bad guy germs so you can get better.”

“But, how daddy? I don’t know how.” “That’s easy, little Gin. You have to close your eyes and see them.” “But, how can I see them with my eyes closed, daddy? That’s silly.” “It seems silly, Gin, but you CAN see them if you try hard enough.”

“But, what do they look like, daddy?” “Well, the good guys, they look kind of like Godzilla, Gin.” “Godzilla? But, he’s too big. He can’t be inside of me.” “Well, Gin, these Godzillas are very tiny.” “You mean there’s hundreds of little bitty Godzillas all inside me, daddy?” “Yes, Gin. Close your eyes and I bet you can see them.” I closed my eyes, and much to my surprise, I DID see them.

“Aww. They’re so cute, daddy.” “Okay, now Gin, you need to find the bad guys.” “What do they look like, daddy?” “The bad guys are ugly, Gin. They are all green and gross.” “Oh, I know, daddy. Like the ‘Credible Hulk, right?” “Yes. They look just like the Incredible Hulk, Gin, only smaller.”

“Ooh, I see them now, daddy. I see those mean old Hulks. They are everywhere. Make them go away, daddy.” “Gin, you are the one who can make the bad guys go away. Make your good guys chase the bad germs out of your body.” “You mean make the Godzillas beat up the Hulks?” “Yes, Gin. That’s exactly what I mean.” “Okay, daddy, but how will the Hulks get out of me?” “Through your nose, of course, Gin! All those nasty old Hulks will just come running out of your nose when the Godzillas scare them away.”

“Keep your eyes closed, Gin.” “But, I want to see the monsters come out my nose, daddy.” “Oh, you can’t see them. They vanish as soon as they hit the air.” “Oh, I understand. They are invisdable, right?” “That’s right, Gin. Now close your eyes again and keep fighting.”

I fell asleep swinging my arms in the air, mimicking the gestures of Godzilla. The invisible war between the good germs and the bad germs apparently continued throughout the night as I dreamt.

When I awoke the next morning, I saw daddy sitting in the chair beside my bed. “Daddy, daddy! Did the Godzillas win? Are all the Hulks gone now?” “Yes, Gin. The Godzillas won. The doctor told me you can come home today.” “Yeah! Godzilla won! I knew he would, daddy. I just knew he would.” Daddy simply smiled and gave me a great big hug. The river of tears he had been holding back had broken the dam.

The power of positive visualization? I truly believe so. It could have been coincidence, but nobody will ever be able to convince me of that.

Does Godzilla ALWAYS win? Unfortunately, no. But, he sure does put up a heck of a fight. And, even when Godzilla loses, we still know deep down in our hearts, that someday we WILL see him again.

Thanks for reading. Hug someone you love today. Blessed be.

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