The “Empath” Scam

Many people may get slightly miffed with me for writing this article, yet I feel compelled to do so. This blog post is not about cryptozoology, but rather a purported paranormal phenomenon. As a researcher, I feel it is my duty to expose scams, regardless of the consequences.

If you have fallen victim to this scam, do not feel badly. You are not the only one. I almost fell for it myself. Although I am nowhere near smart enough to be an aerospace engineer, I like to think I am a fairly smart cookie. However, we are all vulnerable to falling victim to scams, regardless of IQ.

I was recently conversing with a man on a popular dating website. He told me he thought I may be an empath and gave me a link to click on. I never click on links sent to me by strangers, so I decided to do a Google search for the word “empath” instead. I’m glad I took the time to research this topic.

What I discovered was that everyone who is not a sociopath is an empath. It is no special ability. Empathy is a natural human emotion that you and I and everyone who is not a sociopath have. Empathy is nothing more than sympathy magnified. For example, if your child’s pet dies, you tend to feel just as sad, if not sadder, than your child feels. Empathy is simply the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

There are some human monsters, known as con artists, who have cleverly (albeit unethically) devised methods to bilk money from people by using a perfectly normal emotion and turning it into some grand pseudo psychic power. If I were to tell you you’re a respiratory psychic because you sense that others around you are breathing, you would look at me as though I were daft. If I then told you I can teach you how to harness your super breathing powers for a small fee, you would most likely tell me to take a hike. It should be so obvious. Yet, most people can be persuaded to believe a myriad of absurd concepts.

I have seen websites devoted to “empath empowerment”. Many of them offer free newsletters. I would be leery of signing up for the newsletters, because this would be a rather crafty way for these monsters to obtain your personal information to steal your identity. I have also seen “empath retreats”. For $5,000 or so, you can go spend a week in a cabin and learn how to “harness your empathic abilities”. Big waste of money, folks. Unless you are a psychology major writing a research paper on the dynamics of how easily people can be tricked into thinking they have super powers.

It’s really quite simple. We all tend to absorb the emotions of others throughout the day. Just go home, have a glass of wine (or, in my case, Jack and soda), soak in the tub for a while, and watch a good program on television or read a good book. It’s all about letting go of the stress. We are all empaths, and we all need to have good coping mechanisms to deal with stress.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…but, I have also debunked myself as not having psychic empath abilities. I just really do not like to see people get scammed.

In 1968, the television show “Star Trek” aired an episode called “The Empath”. It was about a lovely lady who had the ability to absorb the emotions of others. She soaked up all the bad energy of others and left everyone feeling rather happy. The empath wound up dying because she had taken in too much negative energy. I imagine this scam originated when some conman or woman was sitting on the couch watching a rerun of that show. I can’t say for certain.

Hope this article was helpful. Thanks for reading. Apologies if I’ve offended anyone. Just trying to be helpful. Please share a smile today. Moods really are “contagious”, especially if you’re an empath. LOL


14 thoughts on “The “Empath” Scam

  1. The whole subject of fellowship vs predation is always worth airing. The very thing that gives us worth also makes us targets of the unworthy. Well screw them (pardon my French). If we allow the bad behaviour of others to change us, other than make us wiser, then they win.

    Interesting post. Rock on. :-).


    • I like your phraseology. “Fellowship vs Predation” is a perfect way to sum up what is occurring with this scam. You know, I actually spoke with a relative of mine recently who told me one of her friends attended some sort of “empath workshop”. This friend of hers now proudly places a comma after her name and tacks on the title of “Empath”. Sad.

      Yet, the positive side of fellowship is that people can also look out for one another and expose fraud among the community. In this case, that would be the Paranormal community. Sometimes, I feel a bit like a magician telling how tricks are performed. People don’t generally like that. lol. All I can do is do my best to help spread the word.

      I just wish people would learn to appreciate the things which truly do make them special…such as providing for their family, getting out of bed and going to work every day, shoveling the sidewalk of a snowbound elderly neighbor for free each winter, baking cakes for people on their birthdays, visiting friends and relatives who live in nursing homes, and so on and so forth, etc… In other words, we don’t need no stinking titles. Each and every one of us is unique and special in our very own way. We all do some pretty amazing things every day. Well, sans the sociopaths and mean people, that is. 🙂

      Thanks again. Have I ever told you how I envy your extensive vocabulary? You always seem to be able to say in a few words what takes me paragraphs to express. 🙂 Happy weekend to you.


  2. I found this article helpful as well. I would be interested in chatting with you some about this topic. I have a good friend of mine who says they are an empath. So I have questions for you and the research you did. You would be able to give me a head start.


  3. I think there is a lot of truth in what you write. Highly sensitive persons (HSPs) are characterized by being very sensory processing sensitive (SPS). HSPs are scientifically recognized, and they experience emotions more intensely than average. I think such people are often “empaths” do to being more emotional and empathetic than normal. But, at the end of the day, everyone has mirror neurons. The empath “tests” or “lists” are ridiculous.

    I did not learn about that Star Trek episode until today. That would make a lot of sense because all this lingo of “absorbing energy” and “healing” makes no sense. With that said, I went online to see if there were other people like me after finding out that I am not normal. I am not going to go into the personal details; just understand that it was not something that I viewed positively.

    I feel the emotions of everyone within 20-25 feet of me. I do not require a line of sight. I do not need to hear anyone. I do not even need to know that anyone is around. If a person is particularly emotional in a unique way, I have been able to predict whether such a person is on the other side of a door or wall with very high accuracy without any kind of sensory cues. I try to keep it hidden to avoid for various reasons. I have been sloppy a few times, leading to people making wild accusations against me, thinking that I was easedropping or following them.

    I do not want to be considered a freak or anything like that. I especially would not want people to be afraid of me as this ability is intrusive by nature. Granted, I expect that people would not accept the truth. And, as I have experienced, the natural explainations that people come up with may be very unfavorable.

    I grew up among Christians with supernatural acts being commonplace whether it be instant healings, prophecies that come true, or words of knowledge about private details of people’s lives. So, feeling other people’s emotions did not seem all that odd. If I was dealing with something very troubling in private, it was nothing for someone to call me, saying that the Holy Spirit told them that I was dealing with something (followed by details of what I was dealing with).

    I had not put much thought in differentiating the supernatural from the natural. In fact, I did not realize that feeling other people’s emotions was not normal until I moved away and interacted with more “normal” people. I thought that people would understand how I felt if I merely “felt” more intensely. When it did not work, I thought people were being willfully insensitive or intentionally mischaracterizing me. This has been just as much a part of my life reality as hearing has been part of yours.

    To put it directly, it definitely is real, but I do not know how overstated it is. I am very skeptical of so-called HSPs or empaths who whine about their differences like they want coddled. I can see why some people would seek validation from others, but some seem to go very far. I mean, an empathetic person would not want to burden others with such a thing. Would such a person ask a spouse to control his or her emotions more? That would be ridiculous . Controlling behavior is hard enough. Anyway, a lot of this “empath” material rubs me the wrong way. However, there are at least some people who feel the emotions of others.


    • Thanks for stopping by, and for reading my blog. I did not intend to insult anyone. I sometimes express my opinion in a too straight forward sort of way. I apologize if my article offended you. I just hate to see people being taken for granted by those who try to profit from such circumstances.


  4. Thank you for your post saved me $$! You all ways need to do your research, I do tend to feel negative emotions since they live all around me, so I pick it up. I call it harassment and intimidation. We all want a quick fix, microwave babbies. This also can be applied to Crystals as well, we all have them within us.


    • Hi there. Thanks for stopping by to read my blog, and for taking time to comment on it. *Note to other readers: The term “microwave babies” refers to people who always do things fast, like microwaving popcorn. I had to look that one up. LOL.* Crystals in the human body is also another fascinating topic. I’ve been researching that, as well, now too. Thanks again for commenting, and thank you for giving me things to research. Have a blessed day.


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