Puppy Picture Posters

As I sit here, I find myself pondering a rather perplexing predicament. It is rather twitter-esque in nature, I guess one could say. To follow, or not to follow? That is the question.

I have been gaining some followers, a handful or less. All of them are blogs that post pictures of pets, lots and lots and lots of pet pictures they do post.

I have not posted a blog for quite some time now. I am confused as to why these people have suddenly struck up an interest in my blog. I am afraid to follow them back, actually. Normally, out of common courtesy, I typically do follow all who follow me. However, I tried this on twitter also and wound up following thousands of people, with only three or four following me. After I follow them, they unfollow me. Took me a while to catch on because admittedly I am anything but techno savvy.

Perhaps it is best just to wait and see what happens. Apologies in advance if it appears I am rude by not following all my new pet picture poster followers back.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. It is hopefully more than obvious that I love animals. I just do not want my email inbox flooded with thousands of blog notifications that are nothing more than pictures. Some of these “bloggers” post upwards of 20 times a day.

Has anybody else been having this issue? Is there something more maniacal going on here? Could it be trolls in puppy (and kitten) clothing posing as followers? Perhaps I am just paranoid? Who knows? I sure do not. If anybody does have an idea what could be going on, I would love to hear it.

Thanks ever so much. Hope you all have a fantastic day! šŸ™‚



9 thoughts on “Puppy Picture Posters

    • Admittedly, I dare say it’s probably a very good thing that I am allergic to dogs and cats. Elsewise, I may be guilty of the same thing myself. šŸ™‚ I just wish they would learn to practice a little moderation. I do enjoy looking at great pictures and artwork, just do not have enough time to look at hundreds of them everyday. lol. When I was a new parent, I felt compelled to share pictures of my daughter online. Every little thing she did (whether smiling, making a goofy facial expression, or even crying) just seemed to be the most adorable thing any child ever did. The things that bother us about others are usually the things that bother us about ourselves…at least that is what I have heard. Thanks for helping put things into perspective for me. Perhaps I need to practice a little more patience, and bear in mind if I had a little furry friend in my house, I’d be snapping lots of pictures too. Thanks again. I really appreciate your input. šŸ™‚


  1. Sometimes it is just people seeking a reciprocal arrangement. I usually wait and see if a person has a enough interest to leave a Like or a Comment or there blog is of particular interest.

    You can stop receiving emails about new posts by those you follow (just view them in the WP Reader) by:-
    Open the WP Reader
    Click on (Followed Sites) Manage
    Click on the Arrow Head beside a blog name
    Switch off “Emails for new posts”.

    I hope that helps šŸ™‚

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