Art Thievery…But, Why???

I found myself uncharacteristically bored out of my gourd a few days ago. After watching an episode of “Catfish” on MTV, I decided to do a google image search on the pictures I have posted in various places on the internet. I am a very private person, and prefer not to post too many personal pictures, so my search did not take long at all. In fact, probably 90% of pictures I post are right here, on my blog. I also have a few on my other blog, as well.

I was shocked by the results I got. I mean, I am no Michelangelo…but, someone has actually been taking (copying without my permission or knowledge) my cheeky little one dimensional drawings and posting them on their own website. It is some “free art to use” site ran by someone who has the username “vicious animals band”.

I don’t think I am as offended as I probably should be. It’s a little flattering that someone actually liked my artwork enough to steal it. I was rather put off by the caption they chose for my drawing of the Ahool. They put:  “Boy gets scratched by bat and dies”. Granted, I am fully aware that I am not very chestally endowed, but being compared to a young lad is not quite flattering.

I felt I should write this blog to make people aware of the fact that others may be using your pictures. If you have the time, I definitely recommend doing a google image search on your pictures. The results might just surprise you. I know it shocked me.

Thanks for reading. Wishing you all a monstrously marvelous Monday!!! 🙂

Scan_20150710 (31)

8 thoughts on “Art Thievery…But, Why???

  1. I can understand your feelings when somebody steals your artwork, but when it comes to photographs, that is not so bad, especially archive ones, say of WW1. Newspapers, local, national and international are far worse than bloggers. Google “Werewolf in Yorkshire or Hull or Beverley” and try to work out who has copied from whom.The same goes for “Bigfoot in Kent or Tunbridge Wells”. Again,plagiarism of epic proportions! Perhaps it’s best to just feel flattered!

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    • Good point. 🙂 I suppose the purpose of having a blog, after all, is to share. I believe it was Ms. Paris Hilton that once said something to the effect of “love me or hate me, doesn’t matter. At least I know people are thinking of me.” lol. It would have been nice if they would have asked permission or given me credit, though. I guess I am just surprised at how often this sort of thing occurs. I thought only movie stars had to worry about stuff like this happening. I only have 8 or 9 blog followers, one of which is myself following me from my other blog. Out of those, only 2 or 3 of them actually read my posts. I am rather curious how the art thief found my page. I am sure it is not at the top of google search results. There are far better monster bloggers than myself. The whole situation has me rather curious. I am no Mr. Loren Coleman, after all. I can understand his work being stolen.
      You know, I have never heard of a Bigfoot in England, come to think of it. So many monsters, so little time. Apparently, I am lagging behind in my research. 🙂 I will definitely google search it. Thank you. And, the werewolves too.
      I do know of a lady whose Twitter page got spoofed once. The little troll copied her whole page, then tried selling adult products from it. She notified Twitter and they immediately (within hours) suspended the imposter’s account. As long as people aren’t using my work for lewd, illegal, or obscene purposes, I am happy to share. When I use material from other sites, I give credit to that site, such as Super Coloring Pages, which is one of my favorite websites, especially when my granddaughter comes to visit. 🙂 Simply type in what you wish to find in the search bar, and chances are they have a picture you can print off and color. I found a picture of an Okapi, and even a Thylacine (which I plan to use in an upcoming blog post in the very near future) there. It’s simply wonderful. My grand loves dinosaurs, so she and I spend lots of time coloring pictures of them.
      Thanks again for taking the time to comment, and especially for giving me something else that I can research. Have a terrific Tuesday!


  2. I do agree with you. It is a cheek to copy work without giving credit. Especially original artwork.

    If you go here:-
    it will show you how to apply your own level of licensing to your artwork/photographs. Just copy the code that you get at the end of a post to place the appropriate cc icon.

    I’m having to consider doing this myself to protect items from venues that do not allow commercial use of photographs. Best of luck. G . 🙂

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